Voted as the public's favourite in 2013 (via BBC Wildlife Magazine) the hedgehog is one of the UKs most iconic mammals and yet the species is in trouble. Population estimates suggest that 30 million hedgehogs in the 1950s fell to 1.5 million hedgehogs in the mid '90s. The causes of this decline (like any species) are likely to be multi-faceted: habitat loss, urbanisation, increased road traffic, changes in farming practice, enclosure and tidying of gardens, pesticides and high badger populations are all potential contributors. Thankfully, help is at hand for this spiny and voracious predator. With funding from the British Hedgehog Preservation Society, Warwickshire Wildlife Trust and Solihull Metropolitan Council have established a 90ha hedgehog conservation area, the UK's first. On top of designating an area for hedgehog conservation, the project aims to tap into the public's enthusiasm to help wildlife through a citizen science mapping and monitoring project.

From the wildlife trusts:

How you can help hedgehogs: